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The gigachad meme on solana

(The Big one)

What is $GIGA?

gigachad is a meme that has been around for years that is now a worldwide phenomenon. the meme is based off of a photoshoot of Russian bodybuilder Ernest Khalimov who was coined gigachad for his perfect physique, jawline, and being a symbol of what a peak masculine male should strive for. $GIGA is a community run cryptocurrency token built on the solana blockchain. It is a token built exclusively for high testosterone individuals with a focus on self improvement, masculinity, and becoming a true gigachad.

how to BUY?

1. download
on ios, android or as a chrome extension

2. purchase solana using moonpay on your phantom wallet or from a centralized exchange and send it to your phantom wallet.

3. go on the swap tab of your phantom wallet and search giga, and swap your solana for giga tokens.

4. do pushups and become a gigachad. its the big one

the big one.

what's in giga motion?

Giga fitness aka gigachad LLC, a community run luxury fitness brand that will use profits for token buybacks and burns, as well as marketing for $GIGA*
(coming soon).

partnerships with irl gigachad celebrities in order to promote the giga fitness brand and the cryptocurrency as a whole.

onboarding normies to frontrun crypto twitter while slowly onboarding gigachad influencers through raiding and fire content. (ongoing)

the gigachad thesis.

a comprehensive guide

The reason doge and pepe were able to reach such high market caps is due to the virality effect. in order for a memecoin to generate success it needs to be a meme that exists in of itself that even your uber driver would know. on crypto twitter people trade and chase the next shiny object, there is no longevity and the end goal is normies. normies invest in cryptocurrencies, they are not traders, they buy and hold their crypto as a long term investment and a store of value, as any coin should be treated. at $GIGA normies have been and continue to be onboarded since the inception of the token.

an overview of the memecoin market.

              what makes a meme?              

internet usage skyrocketed in the early 2000's and companies quickly understood the importance of network effects- from this social media was born from the ashes. with this rise of the internet "memes" became commonplace, they were silly jokes and trends that people would share with their friends. one share would turn into 2 shares, then 4 shares and so on and suddenly a meme is "viral". in this same way having "normies" in early into a viral meme like gigachad causes a similar network effect, one investor with gains attracts 2 new investors, which attracts 4 more and so on. with gigachad being one of the few most viral meme of all time, and the rise of the masculinity movement, and the upcoming cryptocurrency bull run, the timing has never been more perfect for a meme like gigachad to take the world by storm.


naturally, $giga chad attracts real irl, high testosterone, chad holders. no soy jacks, no larps, and no sellers. when the supply reaches closer to 0, the price moves closer to infinity. low testosterone = prone to fear = panic selling. high testosterone = confidence/conviction = buying/holding. $GIGA is a relevant irl meme that normies are aware of, real memes are the only real meme coins, the holders are all chads, and the gigachad meme on solana is irreplaceable due to the community ownership of the @gigachad twitter handle.


For help and business inquiries email

Giga linktree

© 2024 $GIGA

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$giga is a meme token for entertainment purposes only, with no expectation of profit or price increase. There is no owner of the $giga meme token project and it is entirely volunteer and community organized. Nothing on this page shall be construed as financial advice and users are subject to volatility and risks up to and including total loss of funds. Purchase of the $giga token is not an investment in Gigachad LLC, and there is no affiliation between the meme token and the LLC.
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